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1 I vow to respect Barcelona’s authenticity I’ll meet local people and learn their ways. I promise not to enter a fake paella&sangria restaurant!
2 I’ll party hard but care hard too! I’ll party as much as my body lets me but I’ll also enjoy culture, sports and music in a healthy way.
3 I shall not be an “ego” but an “eco” traveler I won’t treat the city as if it were mine, I’ll treat it with respect and care.
4 I’ll leave no footprints but those that will wash away I swear I’ll always be carrying my reusable bottles and bags with me! I’ll be a 0 waste tourist.
5 I’ll visit the city kindly and explore it mindfully I will avoid Barcelona’s super crowded spots and instead look for those hidden treasures that do not appear in the touristic guides.
6 I’ll be free as a bird to express my creativity I’ll see Barcelona as a city to express myself and share my talent with everyone, whatever that is.
7 I’ll be a traveler eager to discover the world and myself I swear I will connect as much as I can with the city, the people and with myself.
8 I’ll blend in with everyone I’ll welcome and respect stranger. This is my opportunity to meet new people, interact with locals and exchange culture, talent and experiences.
9 I’ll be part of Unite’s community I’ll participate in a creative cooperation and collaboration with Unite. Let’s make cool stuff happen! Whatever I can think of is possible in this open space.
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