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Welcome to the DGTL Hostel

Each year, we strive to make things easier for our audience so they can just focus on having a great time at DGTL Barcelona. For this edition, we are very happy to announce the ultimate lodgment solution for those of you coming from abroad: introducing the DGTL Hostel.

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First of all, connection between the venue and the hostel couldn’t be smoother. The hostel is conveniently located at just four metro stops from the venue or a short 10-minute bike ride.

Coming along with friends? We’ve got space: the hostel has enough room to accommodate over 400 guests in 8-people (mixed and female-only) and 4-people rooms. This means you can book a whole room for you and your friends for a small initial deposit (payment plans are available).

We are also currently working on the hostel’s own programming, with parallel activities to enhance your stay and keep you motivated until it’s time to go to the festival. More information about this will come soon.

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Your most sustainable rest

But what’s most important for us (and you, we hope) is the sheer amount of sustainable features that the hostel has. This means that, by staying at the DGTL Hostel, you will be directly contributing to diminishing the environmental impact of your lodgement. Here you have some key aspects to understand how:

> Smart resource/energy plan: just like we log our power usage and come up with solutions to optimize our energy consumption, the DGTL hostel has a number of features to ensure no energy goes to waste. These range from the automatization of their AC/heating (saving up to 2000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year) to their 100% LED lighting system, to name just two.

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> Pneumatic waste management system: asides from properly separating waste, the hostel has an automatic, pneumatic recollection system for garbage. This means that no garbage trucks are needed to dispose waste, meaning lesser CO2 emissions.

> Proximity products and providers: whether we are talking about tables, chairs or even produce, the hostel works mainly with local suppliers to support the community and proudly state that almost everything is “made in Barcelona.”

> Vegetarian breakfast: did you know that the emissions from the meat industry account for nearly 18% of the world’s total carbon emissions? By removing meat from our menu, we not only reduced emissions, but we also help preserve large amounts of fresh water and land. Of course, whether you are at the festival or the hostel, we’ll never compromise great quality and taste.

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Where are we?

Avinguda Icària, 145

08005 Barcelona

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