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Unite Concept

What’s Unite

Unite is an open space where everything you can imagine can actually happen. A place to make community with Barcelona— because oh, you don’t know how much we love this, our city. A place for adventurers eager to explore.

Be a local

Unite is all about enjoying Barcelona as we the locals do. A guitar concert, a picnic at the Ciutadella, a bbq at the terrace, going to Primavera Sound, Sonar. We don’t stop doing stuff inside and outside the hostel.

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Be a good traveler

Before you come to visit Barcelona you have to promise us you’ll be a good traveler and you’ll take care of the city. We want you to know its real face through authentic experiences and we need your word you’ll keep the city clean, cool and authentic!

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Be a cool & responsible traveller

We need you to give us your word. Sign Unite’s pledge!

I vow to respect Barcelona’s authenticity I’ll meet local people and learn their ways. I promise not to enter a fake paella&sangria restaurant!
I’ll party hard but care hard too! I’ll party as much as my body lets me but I’ll also enjoy culture, sports and music in a healthy way.
I shall not be an “ego” but an “eco” traveler I won’t treat the city as if it were mine, I’ll treat it with respect and care.
I’ll leave no footprints but those that will wash away I swear I’ll always be carrying my reusable bottles and bags with me! I’ll be a 0 waste tourist.
I’ll visit the city kindly and explore it mindfully I will avoid Barcelona’s super crowded spots and instead look for those hidden treasures that do not appear in the touristic guides.
I’ll be free as a bird to express my creativity I’ll see Barcelona as a city to express myself and share my talent with everyone, whatever that is.
I’ll be a traveler eager to discover the world and myself I swear I will connect as much as I can with the city, the people and with myself.
I’ll blend in with everyone I’ll welcome and respect stranger. This is my opportunity to meet new people, interact with locals and exchange culture, talent and experiences.
I’ll be part of Unite’s community I’ll participate in a creative cooperation and collaboration with Unite. Let’s make cool stuff happen! Whatever I can think of is possible in this open space.

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We love our barrio

We’re right in the middle of Poblenou, an amazing location, you can almost smell the sea and city center is right around the corner. A great neighborhood with lots of stuff to offer, we must kindly ask you to respect its authenticity and to keep it clean!

About the barrio

Before big Barcelona’s Olympic Games back in 1992, the Vila Olímpica was just an industrial area. With the Olympic Games it turned into a new zone where athletes could host. Now’s one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Barcelona, as it is really close to Poblenou, the neighborhood of start-ups and design studios, Nova Icària beach, Barceloneta, Born or Port Olímpic.

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Let’s be good neighbors

Unite’s located at one of the best spots of the city, attracting lots of tourists everyday. It is our duty to keep the neighborhood real, clean and peaceful.

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Where are we?

Avinguda Icària, 145

08005 Barcelona

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