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U Gallery
Unite’s Evolving Gallery

We want to use Unite as a constantly evolving art gallery to create a stimulating environment in which users can be part of the local art community. We would like our guests to experience the local culture through a concept that destroys the barriers between people and art. An immersive approach to art itself, where people can live, share, co-create and coexist in an open, curious, free and adventurous way.

What is the most important thing for us? Provide a local, young and alternative version of Barcelona for travelers from around the world.

What do our clients have in common, beyond being travelers? The desire to obtain an authentic and stimulating encounter with the city by participating in unique activities.

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Unite Activities

01/01/2019 Art3sano Poble Nou Open Day
01/01/2019 Expo Las Fotos de Gime in Room9

Where are we?

Avinguda Icària, 145

08005 Barcelona

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