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Elektronic Delight

Elektronic Delight is a concept aimed at a demanding public that focuses on electronic music, offering a high-quality product with local and international artists who do not regularly pass through the area, guaranteeing an excellent musical proposal at each event.

For years we have been in love with the German club scene in Berlin and our goal is to “Berlinize” Barcelona, bringing its club and musical culture to Barcelona.

The time of our events is from 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., always on Saturday in room9, in this way we seek to offer a club experience in the afternoon, an innovative proposal in Barcelona. We want our audience to be able to enjoy excellent electronic music sessions in daylight, without having to stay up all night.

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We are a collective free of any social and sexual discrimination, in our events everyone is welcome, as long as they behave appropriately.

We also keep our commitment to the environment very much alive, using returnable cups and making recycling bins available to customers at the event venue.

We also do it when choosing the drinks we offer, prioritizing pioneering companies in environmental and social commitments.

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Elektronic Delight Sessions

Elektronic Delight - Woman Power - ft. Bebetta & Zhannaona
Elektronic Delight - Valentine's Edition - Unite Hostel - ft. Mimi Love
Elektronic Delight #Hovr

#unitehostel @unitehostelbcn.

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